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2012 Enrolled Foals
* indicates NRBC Challenge

Foal Name Sire Dam Owner
Hang Onto Your BootsHang Ten Surprize Boot Scootin Dolly Gregory J Gessner
PendingHang Ten Surprize Chic Goes Vegas Pam Kaiser
Surprize WitnessHang Ten Surprize JJM Sunny Delight (Calatrava) Gail H Klapper
KR Surfs UpHang Ten Surprize Pima Pine Olena Ryan & Reed Kyle
Shiney SurprizeHang Ten Surprize Shining Grace Shannon E Reid
Hang Ten BarettaHang Ten Surprize Solanos Baretta Rosanne Sternberg
Ten Plus AcresHang Ten Surprize Starlight Acres Dean Latimer
Hangin SoloHang Ten Surprize The Hothouse Violet Randy Sparks
Jewels SurprizeHang Ten Surprize Unos Shining Jewel Shield H Quarter Horses
A Chic SurprizeHang Ten Surprize West Coast Chic Andrea & Mirjam Stillo
Nu Cashin ChexHelluva Chex Misti Badger Chex Gayle O & Sue A Makin
PendingHes A Loaded Gun Chics Wicked Witch Mary & Tom Jansma
Jeweled Out GunHes A Loaded Gun Dun It With Jewels Mary & Tom Jansma
PendingHes A Loaded Gun Gunna Dance Mary & Tom Jansma
A Gunnin AffairHes A Loaded Gun Jesses Affair Shelby Reine
Smartly Loaded GunHes A Loaded Gun Smart Lemon Juice Mary & Tom Jansma
PendingHes A Loaded Gun Toodie Star Mary & Tom Jansma
PendingHes Wright On Shiners Diamond Jill Gardiner Quarter Horses
PendingHes Wright On Shiney Senorita Gardiner Quarter Horses
PendingHes Wright On Soula Jule Forever Gardiner Quarter Horses
PendingHes Wright On Sue C Shiner Gardiner Quarter Horses
PendingHes Wright On Sue C Shiner Gardiner Quarter Horses
PendingHesa Smart Chic Doc Otoe Chant Jesse Beckley
PendingHesa Smart Chic Juanna Shine Jeff Beckley
PendingHesa Smart Chic Sheezoutofjuice Marion Reid
PendingHesa Smart Chic Sheza Juan Step Jeff Buckley
PendingHesa Smart Chic The Electric Lady April Beckley
PendingHesa Smart Chic There In A Minute April Beckley
PendingHesa Smart Chic Tys Hotroder Jeff Beckley
PendingHeza Sure Whiz Great Red Dun Jac Point Quarter Horses
Shez One Chexy ChicHickory Chic Olena Chexy Quixote Brenda Lea Buso
PendingHickory Chic Olena Dry Santos Muscat Torpey Performance Horses
Malena Chic OlenaHickory Chic Olena Malena Chex Torpey Performance Horses
Ruf Cut HickoryHickory Chic Olena Ruf To Be A Princess Layla E Choate
PendingHickory Chic Olena Undeniably Dun It John B Lloyd
PendingHickory Chic Olena Whiz A Dunnit Torpey Performance Horses
Wendels Got StyleHigh Brow CD Blues Stylish Bell Sunrise Ranch LLC
Wendels New EditionHigh Brow CD PG Special Edition Sunrise Ranch LLC
A Very Chexy MemoryHold That Cow Memorial Chex Shannon & Susan Dabbs
Just DunnitHollywood Dun It Chics Baby Doll Marc & Kathy Gordon
HollywoodchicsmarcieHollywood Dun It Chics Marcie Shady Grove Farm, Inc.
Lady DunitHollywood Dun It Herbs Lady Dell & Terri Hendricks
Hollywoods Top SailHollywood Dun It Ikes Top Sail Shady Grove Farm, Inc.
Dunits Secret WeaponHollywood Dun It Miss Tinseltown David J Silva
PendingHollywood Dun It Sassy Shiner Sandra Linnig-Foehl
Sheza Slidin Dun ItHollywood Dun It Sheza Shady Slider Rancho Sereno LLC
HS Ima Vintage HoneyHollywood Vintage A Great Jac Hawk Stables
PendingHollywood Vintage Bad Lena Badger Kevin C Smith
PendingHollywood Vintage Gona Get Whiz It Alan & Julie Pitts
PendingHollywood Vintage Miss Jackie Blair Kevin C Smith
PendingHollywood Vintage Nu Cash Lass Leslie D Eagleton
Vintage BlondeHollywood Vintage Peeps Yellow Jacket Cindy Todd
PendingHollywood Vintage Smart Sassy Doc Jerry Shaw
TwoshadesofhollywoodHollywood Vintage Starlight Lynx Chex Rinck Heule
Stars In HollywoodHollywood Vintage Whatta Royal Star Solum & Anderson
Be A Movie QueenHollywood White Be Aech Solano Scott & Carolyn Gipson
Hollywood JalapenoHollywood White Blue Gowns Fancy Bobby Ward Miles
A Smalltown GalHollywoodstinseltown A Gal With A Gun Jana Simons
Tinseltown FlashHollywoodstinseltown Billie Gun Flash McQuay Stables, Inc
Cee I Made You LookHollywoodstinseltown Brennas Cee Clark-Wolfe Perf Horses LLC
CdstravlintotownHollywoodstinseltown CD Travalen Oak Sheryl A Kaefer
Cee Miss TinseltownHollywoodstinseltown Cee Miss Hollywood Kevin R Showman
StoptownHollywoodstinseltown Cee Miss Stop Carrie Austin
PendingHollywoodstinseltown Cielos Little Chic Mary & Tom Jansma
Tinseltown BoomHollywoodstinseltown Divanic Patricia C Anderson
Easy Tinseltown WhizHollywoodstinseltown Dont Call Me Easy Gorgasser LLC
Lil Cash TownHollywoodstinseltown El Cashier Bernard Carriere
One Nite N HollywoodHollywoodstinseltown Fatal Attrashion Tim & Colleen McQuay
Fifth Avenue DaveHollywoodstinseltown Fifth Avenue Cash Lyle Lovett
Rest In HollywoodHollywoodstinseltown Got My Rest Wagman Ranch Inc
HollywoodsmokeeHollywoodstinseltown Gun Smokee Caleb Sturgeon
Holly Maq GunHollywoodstinseltown Gunners Doll Rancho Oso Rio LLC
Tinseltown SniperHollywoodstinseltown Gunners Doll Face McQuay Stables, Inc
Woodys Toy GunHollywoodstinseltown Gunners Pearl David J Silva
Xtra Diamond N TownHollywoodstinseltown HA Ruby N Diamonds Xtra Quarter Horses LLC
Xtra Hearts On FireHollywoodstinseltown HA Ruby N Diamonds Carlton & Khris Crowe
PendingHollywoodstinseltown Haidas Miss Smoke Mary & Tom Jansma
Tinsel CashHollywoodstinseltown Its All About Cash Andre De Bellefeuille
Look Out TinseltownHollywoodstinseltown Lil Ruf Sara Judy Box
PendingHollywoodstinseltown Lil Ruf Whiz Qhiz Double Run Farm
Jacslittle HollywoodHollywoodstinseltown Little Misty Pine Patricia C Anderson
Smokin Hot ChicHollywoodstinseltown Marces Lil Derringer Peter J Smith
ShowtimentinseltownHollywoodstinseltown Miss Danakanic Kevin R Showman
TinselchexHollywoodstinseltown Nu Tuf Lil Chex Kim Muehlstaetter
HottimintinseltownHollywoodstinseltown One Hot Flash Karen E Montgomery
Miss TinselberryHollywoodstinseltown Red Berry Guns Tim & Colleen McQuay
Red Hot TinseltownHollywoodstinseltown Red Hot Footwork David J Silva
PendingHollywoodstinseltown Scarlets Smart Chic MG Reiners
Tinseltown DreamsHollywoodstinseltown Secret Sug Ryan & Jenell Potucek
Tinsel Town LightHollywoodstinseltown Shiney O Light Shannon E & Hershel Reid
Smokinghot HollywoodHollywoodstinseltown Smoking Rose Lawrence & Gaynell Simpson
Snow TownHollywoodstinseltown Snow Gun Andre De Bellefeuille
Xtra Sparkles N TownHollywoodstinseltown Sparkling Radiance McGee Farms, LLC
PendingHollywoodstinseltown Starlight Abita Lena Mary & Tom Jansma
PendingHollywoodstinseltown Sugar And Spark Donald C Burgy
PendingHollywoodstinseltown Sugar Pop Gun Deborah Strahman
Sugar Pop Go To TownHollywoodstinseltown Sugar Pop Gun 1998 Deborah Strahman
Whiz Me To HollywoodHollywoodstinseltown Tari Whiz Keith & Todd K Marler
A Tinseltown RomeoHollywoodstinseltown Trulena Light William Coburn III
Stylin TinseltownHollywoodstinseltown UB Stylin With Me Mark Bradford
WhiznroundtinseltownHollywoodstinseltown Wheeling Whiz Dominic L Conicelli
Show SnapnHollywoodstinseltown Whiz N Snap Couture Reiners
TinselsnapnHollywoodstinseltown Whiz N Snap Couture Reiners
Tinseltown RosieHollywoodstinseltown Whiz Upon A Star Donna Strating
Tinseltowns ShadowHollywoodstinseltown Win My Shine Shannon E Reid
Gimme A Town Of CashHollywoodstinseltown You Got The Cash Sergio Elia

* indicates NRBC Challenge
National Reining Breeders Classic ~ 13181 US Hwy 177 ~ Byars, OK 74831 ~ 580-759-3939