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2008 Enrolled Foals
* indicates NRBC Challenge

Foal Name Sire Dam Owner
PendingHang Ten Surprize BB Leo Anna Cook James H & Beverly D Mathis
* Dun It TenHang Ten Surprize Dun It In The Bay Brugger Enterprises LLC
Game Day SurpriseHang Ten Surprize Dunit N Continental John M Deer
Hangin With Dun ItHang Ten Surprize Dunits Reining Heir Helen R Wilson
Hangten ShinerHang Ten Surprize Ebony Shines Manntana LLC
Lenas Lil SurpriseHang Ten Surprize Elite Little Lena Darlene Mandelke
PendingHang Ten Surprize Especial Tari Drew & Judy Hutchinson
Smokin Cody SurprizeHang Ten Surprize Golden Cody Pine Jack Poli
PendingHang Ten Surprize Hotroddin Catalyst George A McIvor
PendingHang Ten Surprize Jac Smart Attack Francois Gauthier
Shining SurprizeHang Ten Surprize JD Shining Star Jayne Shamchuk
Surprize PrizeHang Ten Surprize JJM Sunny Delight (Calatrava) Gail H Klapper
Mizzen Came SmartHang Ten Surprize Judy Came Smart Bob Loomis Quarter Horses Inc
Hang N Lean CalienteHang Ten Surprize Lean Darlean James M & Sharri Griffin
Leans Lil SurprizeHang Ten Surprize Lean Lil Dunnit Shady Grove Farm, Inc.
Hang Ten SidewinderHang Ten Surprize Lena Winder Peggy J Potucek
PendingHang Ten Surprize Lindy Tag Griffin Quarter Horses
Lil Miss SurprizeHang Ten Surprize Little Miss Peppy Do Scatterbranch Ranch
PendingHang Ten Surprize Major Reality Chex Rowena Reid
Hangten Oro OsoHang Ten Surprize Marisols Miss Oro Kathy L Jamieson
PendingHang Ten Surprize Mi Sugar Dun It Equine Plus
Wild Berry SurprizeHang Ten Surprize Mifilberry Wine Todd M Smith
Show TennicHang Ten Surprize Miss Danakanic Kevin R Showman
Hangin Up The GoldHang Ten Surprize Miss Royal Goldy Callan Driscoll
Toy SurprizeHang Ten Surprize Ms Toy Soldier J & Connie Emerson
Okie Dokie SurpriseHang Ten Surprize Okie Lil Dokie Russet Stables Inc
Nikki Nikki HoiHang Ten Surprize On Pines And Needles Oak Schalick
PendingHang Ten Surprize San Sweet Yucca Latimer Stables
Ten StrawberriesHang Ten Surprize Sheryl Strawberry Bonnie M McCutcheon
Hang Ten ObsessionHang Ten Surprize Shes Inwhizitive Jayne Shamchuk
PendingHang Ten Surprize Sheza Shady Slider Jayne Shamchuk
Slide Mia SurprizeHang Ten Surprize Slide To Hollywood Andre Vilandre
Riptide SurprizeHang Ten Surprize Smart Lil Mico Garry Schwerdt
PendingHang Ten Surprize Smart Starlet Latimer Stables
PendingHang Ten Surprize SS Lil Eagle Annie Danielle Hall
Hang Ten Sure SlidesHang Ten Surprize Sure Slides Sister Larry Floyd
Hang Ten TexanHang Ten Surprize Texas Angelena Flying B Reiners
Hang Starz SurprizeHang Ten Surprize The Hothouse Violet Randy Sparks
Surprized YaHang Ten Surprize Uno Cody Jaci Tricia A Leone
SDR Whizars SurprizeHang Ten Surprize Whizzar Bee Lou DeVincentis
Roost N HiHercs Midnite Roost Doc N Darlin Deborah Thorpe
Sail At MidniteHercs Midnite Roost Lookin Lika Sailor Erick & Jackie Sorenson
Hercs Tori O LenaHercs Midnite Roost Miss Tori O Lena Brackett Creek Quarter Horses
Hercs Midnite ReinHercs Midnite Roost Ms Zanalena Valerie Siegel
Hercs Midnite DancerHercs Midnite Roost Peppys Double Dancer G Patrick & Theresa Shea
PendingHes A Bueno Jac Kings Smartest Pep Lorie Engbrecht
Sevens Fancy RoseHes Dun His Time Rose Baby Dream Richard A Jr & Lori Wyman
Need Some Nu CashHesa Smart Chic Annies Cashalena Milo Kirk
Lil Chick TariHesa Smart Chic Best By Tari Andrea McGhee
KRK ChicaboomHesa Smart Chic Boomerilla Milo Kirk
Hesa Genuine FriendHesa Smart Chic Genuine Holly Bars Milo Kirk
Blonde JokeHesa Smart Chic Happy Dolly Bars W Reid & Dana Morgan Fady
Mia Smart TooHesa Smart Chic Mia Amanda Milo Kirk
Dont Spur MeHesa Smart Chic Mild Beauty James T Morgan
Im A Smart OneHesa Smart Chic Princess One Gun Milo Kirk
Sheza Smart ChoiceHesa Smart Chic Roosters Choice Milo Kirk
Shes A Happy GirlHesa Smart Chic Seduction James T Morgan
My Chicfriend TinaHesa Smart Chic Thessa B Jac Raynald Dube
Wild And FriendlyHesa Smart Chic Wild Sister James T Morgan
PendingHickory Chic Olena Ms Hollywood N Pine Crighton Ranch
San Olena ChicHickory Chic Olena San Olena Whiz Bart E Hoffman
PendingHickory Smoked Chex Chuka Chic Francesca Sternberg
PendingHickory Smoked Chex Smartys Scotian Gold Andrea Anderson
PendingHickory Smoked Chex Technique Cody Lorie Engbrecht
PendingHigh Brow Cat Moms Stylish Pepto Rhodes River Ranch
CatinthehatHigh Brow Cat Shine Smartly Clinton R Anderson
BA Lights OutHit The Lights BA Little Smartie Scott & Christina Zwiefel
Winning Under LightsHit The Lights Cutters Winning Ways Mitchell & Amanda Gordon
PendingHit The Lights Dun It For Chex Jamie Mehren
PendingHit The Lights Dun It To Rein Bill & Patty Fingland
PendingHit The Lights Dun Its Miss Kali Bill & Patty Fingland
DunitwiththelightsonHit The Lights Dun Marvelous Peppy Betty Collier Frost
Chics Lighten It UpHit The Lights Escalante Chic Adair Reiners LLC
PendingHit The Lights Hollywood China Chic Adair Reiners, LLC
PendingHit The Lights Len Dun It Bill & Patty Fingland
What A Lucky HitHit The Lights My Lucky Moonstone Gary & Sandy Vickrey
Playboy Dun GoodHit The Lights Rio Dun Good Adair Reiners LLC
Hit The SpiritsHit The Lights Spirits Solataire Alan & Julie Pitts
Bug LiteHit The Lights THF Annie Oakley Brad Phillips
Hollywoods ChicHollywood Dun It Bar Lena Sue Shady Grove Farm, Inc.
Coronas In HollywoodHollywood Dun It Coronas Missin Star Tim & Colleen McQuay
PendingHollywood Dun It Custom Red Berry W T Waggoner Estate
Gunners Hollywood DolHollywood Dun It Docs Little Gunner Claude Lindsey
Dun Got My RestHollywood Dun It Got My Rest Turnabout Farm Inc
PendingHollywood Dun It Great Red Berry McQuay Stables, Inc
Hollywood Gotta GunHollywood Dun It Katie Gun Gerald E Kimmel
PendingHollywood Dun It Lil Ruf Girl Steven M Harris, DVM
Chics Lil HollywoodHollywood Vintage Chics Little Acorn Lorrie & Terry Thrasher
WhizardHollywood Vintage Wheeling Whiz Dominic L Conicelli
One Lucky FlirtHollywood White Flirting Like Lena Hollywood White Partners
Hangten HollywoodHollywood White Hanging United Carolyn Gipson
PendingHollywood White Kalis Miss Peppy Rick Rose
PendingHollywood White Lena Tivito Hollywood White Partners
PendingHollywood White Lil Robyns Mita Hollywood White Partners
Mad About HollywoodHollywood White Nu Cashandra Carolyn Gipson
Remedy N HollywoodHollywood White Remedys Peach Carolyn Gipson
Hot Smokin PepHot Smokin Chex Dual Remedys Pep John Hubbard
Sumac Easter ChexHot Smokin Chex Laceups Donald Sobey
Hot Smokin TwisterHot Smokin Chex The Greatest Twist Roger Brazeau
Hot Smokin BerryHot Smokin Chex Wound Up Wimp Ulrich Kofler

* indicates NRBC Challenge
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