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2007 Enrolled Foals
* indicates NRBC Challenge

Foal Name Sire Dam Owner
PendingJacs Electric Spark A Diamond Olena Nick Chavez
BH Lucky SparkJacs Electric Spark Bees Honey Jac Buck Hazeldine
PendingJacs Electric Spark Best Stop Wagman Ranch Inc
Sparkin In HollywoodJacs Electric Spark Boggies Bay Request Gerald L Schmieg
Jacs Gotta ChicJacs Electric Spark DN Smart Snap Greg & Mary Anne Hall
Jacs Electric KissJacs Electric Spark Dun Kissed Peaches Alicia Knowles
Hollys ElectricsparkJacs Electric Spark Dunit N Continental John M Deer
Electric PineJacs Electric Spark Eternal Enterprise Troy & Andrea Heikes
PendingJacs Electric Spark Freckled Fawn Nick Chavez
Getaway SparkJacs Electric Spark Getaway Lark Elaine G Latimer
PendingJacs Electric Spark Got No Freckles 4 R Performance Horses
SelectricJacs Electric Spark GVS Cherokee Jac Troy & Andrea Heikes
Certainly ElectricJacs Electric Spark Hang With Me Buck Hazeldine
Jacs Oak SparkJacs Electric Spark Jack Sprat Oak Joe & Della Potucek
PendingJacs Electric Spark Jessie Mui Whiz Nick Chavez
PendingJacs Electric Spark Julep Jac Troy Heikes & David Zimmerman
PendingJacs Electric Spark Katijac Miss Buck Hazeldine
Sparks Almond JoyJacs Electric Spark Kelinds Almond Jac Buck Hazeldine
Last Great BeeJacs Electric Spark Lady Bee Great Buck Hazeldine
HR Jacs Okie SparkJacs Electric Spark Lakota Quixote Bill & Carolyn Hathaway
Sparklin BerrywineJacs Electric Spark Mae Beeberry Vickie A Holbrook
Cowboi TroyJacs Electric Spark Mean Francine Marc Cosenza
Peak ElectricJacs Electric Spark Miss Consin Jac Buck Hazeldine
PendingJacs Electric Spark Miss Smokin Josie Solum Show Horses
Electric EncoreJacs Electric Spark Miss Teepe Glo Buck Hazeldine
SparkarificJacs Electric Spark Myo Starlight Spence Bell
Light My NicJacs Electric Spark Reminics Command Martha Collison
Command A SparkJacs Electric Spark Santalina Command Roxanne Peters
Electric StageJacs Electric Spark Sassy Done It Troy & Andrea Heikes
Whole Lota JacJacs Electric Spark Shes Berry Flashy Amy Potts
Jacs Lotsa ShineJacs Electric Spark Shesa Docs Haida Sky Acres Qtr Horse Farm
Sparkin BoogieJacs Electric Spark Tap N Boogie Lyle Lowell Visser
Vintage ElectricJacs Electric Spark Taris In Hollywood Troy & Andrea Heikes
Electri WhizJacs Electric Spark Whiz Stage Doll Kristin M Bell
Southern ElectricJacs Electric Spark Whiztful Glenda Parks
Now You Know JacJacs Electric Spark Workmans Miss Fisty Karen Barber
Jacs Miss GlitzJacspin Docs Colonel Suzy Sherry J Clift
Jacspin DunnitJacspin Dunitz Midnight Glo Bart E Hoffman
PendingJacspin Swing Lil Tari Michael & Jena Jeffcoat
PendingJacspin Top Rated Michael & Jena Jeffcoat
Jerrys Forty FiveJerry Lees Surprise Forty Fives Lady Talmage Smedley
Jerrys Tom CatJerry Lees Surprise Foxy Ali Cat Talmage Smedley
Maderas SurpriseJerry Lees Surprise Its My Madera Kerry Cogburn
Lucky Bronze SurpriseJerry Lees Surprise Izzys Pink Chablis Kimberlee Corpany
Jerrys Big ChexJerry Lees Surprise Joses Rub N Chex Talmage Smedley
Mr Jerry Lee SurprizJerry Lees Surprise Just Like Jayne Kellie Meier
Kys GirlyJerry Lees Surprise Kate Can Skate Green Valley Ranch
Jerrys Nip N TuckJerry Lees Surprise Lady In A Tux Talmage Smedley
PendingJerry Lees Surprise Machos Rambling Rose Heritage Farms
Jerry Lee LouisJerry Lees Surprise Pasa Magic Bucks Jarvis M Anderson
Little Jerry LeeJerry Lees Surprise Smart Lil Checkers Steven D & Carolyn Skinner
PendingJerry Lees Surprise Soda Chic Miss Terry Dale Smedley
Jerry Sugar SurpriseJerry Lees Surprise Sugar Bea Lena Jerry Shaw
Cee Hesa StarlightJunior Starlight Lena Bar Cee Patti Dunlap
Juniors StarlenaJunior Starlight Smart Cash Return Riedel Ranch Quarter Horses
Juniors Starlit RubyJunior Starlight Smart Susanne Smart Susanne Syndicate
Chexie StarlightJust Like Starlight Gc Chex Olena Henry H & Lynn N Rohwedder
Just A StarlightJust Like Starlight Just A Spark Henry H & Lynn N Rohwedder
Cruisin By StarlightJust Like Starlight Sanalena Miss Henry H & Lynn N Rohwedder
PendingJust Like Starlight Smart Peekaboo Peppy Steve & Carol Metcalf

* indicates NRBC Challenge
National Reining Breeders Classic ~ 13181 US Hwy 177 ~ Byars, OK 74831 ~ 580-759-3939