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2003 Enrolled Foals
* indicates NRBC Challenge

Foal Name Sire Dam Owner
Ray Gay MoonRay Gay Quixote Docs De Bar Jayne Mitchell & Debbie Cooper
WhoasalotRay Gay Quixote Mist N Smoke Debra & Dorn Parkinson
Remins RhythmRemin Whiz Custom Harmony L Kearney & S Archer
Reminton ExpressRemin Whiz Hot Lil Codie Sherry Sutton
Remins Foxy LadyRemin Whiz Lil Ruf Jasmine Lucy Van Swearingen
Whiz MadeRemin Whiz Remedys Sure Slide Nedpoint Quarter Horses
Whizn FootworkRemin Whiz Such Fancy Footwork Grace Hoyt
Award Me A NicReminic Award A Chex The Right Ones
Thee ReminatorReminic Colonel Trinka The Right Ones
Mr Rem N CoolReminic Cool Flip The Right Ones
Nic N SmartReminic Cowgirls Are Smart George Heckman
Trixie ReminicReminic Fancy Tradition Two Walter A Buckley
Reminic In ColorReminic Flip In Color The Right Ones
Mr Turtle NicReminic Freckles Clabber The Right Ones
Reminics JoyReminic Hickory Freckles Joy The Right Ones
Nics In Town Reminic Holly Tinseltown Brian & Elaine Brown
Reminics BarmaidReminic Jae Bar Olena Houston Ranch
Mr PeppernicReminic Pepper Sug The Right Ones
Nics PeachReminic Shining Little Peach Krause & Strauss LLC
PendingReminic Smokes Doc Bar The Right Ones
PendingReminic Smokum Chicy Lee Uselton
PendingReminic Sweet Chicka Chic Marc & Kathy Gordon
Reminics Dos EquisReminic Tammy Chexx The Right Ones
TarzanicReminic Tarzana Catalyst C Ross Conner
Ms Topnotch NicReminic Topsys Playgirl Cottonwood Ranch
Bosses ReminicReminic N Dunit Boss Sugar Bars Mark & Debbie Arballo
Chicks Lil ReminicReminic N Dunit Chics Sompen Jess E Moore
Dun It With A ShakeReminic N Dunit Do The Shake Saddle Creek Farms, Inc
PendingReminic N Dunit Do The Shake Saddle Creek Farms, Inc
Dun It Because I CanReminic N Dunit Haidachino Cherry Rafter D Reiners
Sunnys Rem N DunitReminic N Dunit Irenes Little Lady Sunny Love
PendingReminic N Dunit Poco Bay Gril David J Silva
RX Red DunnitReminic N Dunit Prescription Red Jess E Moore
PendingReminic N Dunit Stoppin Pine David J Silva
Just A Plum DunnitReminic N Dunit Teresas Plum Chad & Julie Erickson
Starlight JoseRoosters Starlight Dox Smokin Willet Lance Shockley
Slidin In StarlightRoosters Starlight Miss Elvira Doc David & Sylvia Bethune
Mondalena StarlightRoosters Starlight Mondaylena Smoke Lance Shockley
Ms Lizzie Mc RoosterRoosters Starlight Smart Lil Frenchie Ray Secor
My Little StarlightRoosters Starlight Smart Little Prissy Coleman Walker
Roosters Tiger SocksRoosters Starlight Tigers Socks Ina Brown
Rooster TunesRoosters Wrangler DA Smart Tune Gerald H Dees
Rowdy In AmarilloRowdy Yankee Amarillo Melody Juniper Hill Farm
* StengelRowdy Yankee Angelena Melody Bob Racich
Rowdy Red BirdRowdy Yankee Cardinal Melody Juniper Hill Farm
Kolohe PanioloRowdy Yankee Casual Cowboy Mark E Buckley
PendingRowdy Yankee Classic Katie Two Peter Wrenn
Big Time StarterRowdy Yankee Cody Cee Cutter Mike & Barbi Boyle
PendingRowdy Yankee Dancin At The Ritz Honey Lou McConnell
PendingRowdy Yankee Dressedforthedance Keith Crawford
Rowdy WhizRowdy Yankee Ebony Whiz Larry & Kathy Hall
PendingRowdy Yankee Hickorys Baby Doll Mike & Barbi Boyle
ICR Cover GirlRowdy Yankee ICR Alibi Steve & Sandra K Day
ICR Smoken YankeeRowdy Yankee ICR Flash Of Smoke Steve & Sandra K Day
PendingRowdy Yankee Jackie Amanda Keith Crawford
PendingRowdy Yankee Jessicatari Sally Broten
PendingRowdy Yankee Little Miss Whizzer Keith Crawford
Yankee GrandslamRowdy Yankee Lotsa Little Peppy Claudia L Koziol
PendingRowdy Yankee Mahogany Smoke Performance Unlimited
Chics Smart Dancer Rowdy Yankee Memories In Progress Angelo & Jan Berrettini
The Mighty YankeeRowdy Yankee Mighty Red Rosie Anita Daggett
PendingRowdy Yankee Miss Great Nimble Keith Crawford
Another Rowdy WinnerRowdy Yankee Miss Rosies Winner Henry H & Lynn N Rohwedder
PendingRowdy Yankee Ms Gee Whiz Liz Lesperance
* Big PapiRowdy Yankee Pennys For Sail Big Papi Syndicate
* Hes At BatRowdy Yankee Rambos Smart N Smoke Breanna Van Der Schaaf
Slide To Be SafeRowdy Yankee Sailin Bueno Mike & Barbi Boyle
Yankee Smokin GunRowdy Yankee Smokin Grant Eugene & Joyce Boyle
PendingRowdy Yankee Sparkling Crome Jeff Jones
Top Of the LeagueRowdy Yankee Sweet Sassy Smoke Mike & Barbi Boyle
May Be RowdyRowdy Yankee Topsails Melody Keith Crawford
Chex N YankeeRowdy Yankee Topsails Sexy Chexy Eugene & Joyce Boyle
PendingRowdy Yankee Uno Cody Miss Nancy Newton
Major League YankeeRowdy Yankee Whiz A Tuffy Kim Yancey
PendingRowdy Yankee Whiz's Sister Snip John G Adams MD
PendingRoyal Cassadaga Guns Or Diamonds George R Bell
PendingRoyal Cassadaga Guns Or Diamonds George R Bell
PendingRoyal Cassadaga Lucy The Flasher George R Bell
Royally PlayinRoyal Chic Olena Bee Bees Play Boy Curran Farm
Ready RoyRoyal Chic Olena Docs Ready Jenny Curran Farm
PendingRoyal Chic Olena Hesas Lil Polly KM & Karyn Aylor
Royal Tar San ChicRoyal Chic Olena Isle Tar San Doc Richard Beidelschies
Royal Sprat OlenaRoyal Chic Olena Jae Bar Pia Clint Haverty
A Royal TiffanyRoyal Chic Olena Jax Tiffany Curran Farm
Lookin Like A RoyalRoyal Chic Olena Lookie Lou Curran Farm
Missin RoyalRoyal Chic Olena Miss N Miss Walla Curran Farm
PendingRoyal Chic Olena Ms Poco Peppy Joe Cunningham
PendingRoyal Chic Olena Palacios Playgirl Curran Farm
Chic Olena BullRoyal Chic Olena The Lady Isa Bull Theressa Thacker
RR Mudd BootsRR Smoky Deannes Nic Of Time Lundin Farm
RR Cease FireRR Smoky Dox Amber Chex Lundin Farm
RR Flim Flam ManRR Smoky Drysans Stormy Night Lundin Farm
RR Hells AngelRR Smoky Freckles Bit A Tari Lundin Farm
RR High RollerRR Smoky Im A Great Foxy Lundin Farm

* indicates NRBC Challenge
National Reining Breeders Classic ~ 13181 US Hwy 177 ~ Byars, OK 74831 ~ 580-759-3939