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2009 Enrolled Foals

Foal Name Sire Dam Owner
Always Got A Spark Jacs Electric Spark Always A Dunit Petska Trinity Equine LLC
Electric Spark A LU Jacs Electric Spark Annie Lu Lena Ashlee K Hale
Pending Jacs Electric Spark Bueno Cat Chexinic Harvest Creek Ranch
Electralux Jacs Electric Spark Cabbys Bobijo Bailey Nicole Harguth
Electrinicki Jacs Electric Spark Chexanicki Cinder Lakes Ranch Inc
Pending Jacs Electric Spark Chic Olena Whiz Outrider Ranch Ltd
Electric Benz Jacs Electric Spark Chick Ina Benz Buck Hazeldine
Nifty Custom Spark Jacs Electric Spark Custom Nifty Nic Carl Lambert
Duel Jac Jacs Electric Spark Duel Miss Toodie 001 Mark Bradford
Spark N Diamonds Jacs Electric Spark Emilys Classy Cross Tim McCay
Electric Hybrid Jacs Electric Spark Eternal Enterprise Troy Heikes & Spence Bell
Jacs Finest flower Jacs Electric Spark Footwork Finest Lace James A Powell
Pending Jacs Electric Spark Holey Enchilada Dean Peightell
Lil Bit Electric Jacs Electric Spark Holly Jac Whiz Buck Hazeldine
Pending Jacs Electric Spark Hollywood Footprints George & Cindy McKinzie
Electric Jac Jacs Electric Spark Katijac Miss Buck Hazeldine
Sparkin Starbuck Jacs Electric Spark KMZ Smart Starlite Tim McCay
Shock Star Groupie Jacs Electric Spark Lovin Me Good Ronald J Thompson
Steppin On Sparks Jacs Electric Spark Mahoganys First Step Rachel Suzanne Sparks
REF Black Mamba Jacs Electric Spark Metermaid To Order Cinder Lakes Ranch Inc
Electric Jolt Jacs Electric Spark Miss Cousin Jac Buck Hazeldine
Miss Electricity Jacs Electric Spark Miss Me Sailin Joe Hayes
Miss Electric Shock Jacs Electric Spark Miss Pine Leosan Buck Hazeldine
Ms Suga Spark Jacs Electric Spark Oh Suga Lu Yonathan Baruch
Pending Jacs Electric Spark Order The Pepto Cinder Lakes Ranch Inc
Jameson Jacs Electric Spark Paddys Irish Angel Diann L Sibert
ARC Electrical Storm Jacs Electric Spark Peppys Little Orphan Jill Smiekel George
Mr Electric Spark Jacs Electric Spark Sailin Rowdy Foothills Farm
Electric Car Jacs Electric Spark Sassy Done It Troy Heikes & Spence Bell
Senorita Electric Jacs Electric Spark Senors Delta Rose Dean Latimer
Electric Cranberry Jacs Electric Spark Shes Berry Flashy Troy & Andrea Heikes
Pending Jacs Electric Spark Sheza Muybuenochex Legacy Ranch LLC
Rocco Dominico Jacs Electric Spark Slide Regina Bella Tina J Jacobson
Smart Sparklin Chic Jacs Electric Spark Smart Easter Chic Carrol Redish
Electrifying Whiz Jacs Electric Spark Smart Whiz Lady David Johnson
Pending Jacs Electric Spark Smartest Sister Two Broke Guys
Gotta Gold Chain Jacs Electric Spark Snip O Chex Jac Point Quarter Horses
FS Just For Cash Jacs Electric Spark Stars Fancy Jac Buck Hazeldine
Pending Jacs Electric Spark Sweet Little Maria Matthew P Armenta
Tappin With Jac Jacs Electric Spark Tap N Boogie Lyle Lowell Visser
Electric Fence Jacs Electric Spark Taris In Hollywood Troy Heikes & Spence Bell
Electric Sparks Jacs Electric Spark Taris In Hollywood Troy Heikes & Spence Bell
Annie Electric Jacs Electric Spark Whiz Stage Doll Kristin M Bell
Pending Jacs Electric Spark Whizout Brand Naoko Tsukada
Dry Iron Jac Jacspin Iron Dry Jewel Judy Bottger
I B Dun JC Flashbac Codys Kahki Jac Jan Swisher-Miller
Hez Cuttin The Chex JC Flashbac Cut The Freckles Suzanne D Cooper
Rock N Roll Flashbac JC Flashbac Rock N Roll Clone Suzanne D Cooper
Bea Smart Jerry Jerry Lees Surprise Bea Smart Lena Monte C Strusiner
Pending Jerry Lees Surprise Custom Ready Or Not Debbie Arballo
Thechicksarewatching Jerry Lees Surprise DRF Smart Chick Heritage Farms
Jerrys Out Cattin Jerry Lees Surprise Foxy Ali Cat Talmage Smedley
Pending Jerry Lees Surprise Guns Fancy Chex Pamela J Crawford
Pending Jerry Lees Surprise Hung Up On The Girl Heritage Farms
Pending Jerry Lees Surprise Just Like Jayne Heritage Farms
Surprise Oak Jerry Lees Surprise Lena Sweet Revenge Steven D & Carolyn Skinner
Pending Jerry Lees Surprise Machos Rambling Rose Heritage Farms
Pending Jerry Lees Surprise Mifilberry Wine Todd M Smith
Hesa Surprise Jerry Lees Surprise Miss Ramblin Dude Monte C Strusiner
Wait Til U C This Jerry Lees Surprise Nic N Smart Clinton R Anderson
Surprisememax Jerry Lees Surprise Nicadual Massimo Rudari
Ride Me N Slide Me Jerry Lees Surprise One Stylish Chic David J Warner
What About Jerry Jerry Lees Surprise Play Zana Express Kurt W Harris
Surprizentheprincess Jerry Lees Surprise Princess In Diamonds Clinton R Anderson
Pending Jerry Lees Surprise See Dolly Chex Maple Elevens Group
A Stylish Surprise Jerry Lees Surprise Shesa Playin Around Talmage Smedley
Shine On Surprise Jerry Lees Surprise Shine On Sayo David M Zimmerman
Surprisemewithcash Jerry Lees Surprise Slide Me The Cash Talmage Smedley
Colonel Lee Surprise Jerry Lees Surprise Soda Chic Miss Terry Dale Smedley
Pending Jerry Lees Surprise Spanked By Ten Maple Elevens Group
Surprisingly Cromed Jerry Lees Surprise Star Splendor Kaylan R Marks
Jerrys Taxes Are Due Jerry Lees Surprise Trista Twist John L Conely Sr.
Pending Jerry Lees Surprise Tuff Susie Fizz Steven Skinner
Chics Wanna Surprise Jerry Lees Surprise What Chics Wanna Doo Arcese-Crawford
Jerrys Serendipity Jerry Lees Surprise Wowlookatthatchic Mitch Bunn
Starlights Blaze Just Like Starlight Alyst Too Henry H & Lynn N Rohwedder
Miss Rowdy Starlight Just Like Starlight Another Rowdy Winner Henry H & Lynn N Rohwedder
Hot Starlight Just Like Starlight Drop It Like Its Hot Henry H & Lynn N Rohwedder
Bits Of Starlight Just Like Starlight Little Bit A Nada Scott E Mitchell
Pending Just Like Starlight Steady Flo Maynard Smith
Peeping Starlight Just Like Starlight Taris Bo Peep Jim & Sheri Crafton
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