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2003 Enrolled Foals

Foal Name Sire Dam Owner
Whiz N Bonansa West Coast Whiz Champs Poco Girl Sunrise C Ranch
Rambo Whiz West Coast Whiz Codys Ria Bar Bob Loomis
West Coast Cupid West Coast Whiz Digital Doc Hallock Ranch
West Coast Britches West Coast Whiz Docsanfridee Ronald Quinn
Tetan Whiz West Coast Whiz Double R Jewel Bob Loomis
Jewel Whiz West Coast Whiz Eeyores Jewel Misty Creek Ranch Inc
Pending West Coast Whiz Ellys Reble Pride Bob Loomis
West Coast Indy West Coast Whiz Fresnos Chickie Danie Hewlett
Pending West Coast Whiz Glendas Jac Milholland Training Inc
TC West Coast Wendi West Coast Whiz Heather Nu Charge David McBurney
This Hound Can Coast West Coast Whiz Ima Carmel Greyhound Ken Dixon
West Coast I Am West Coast Whiz Ima Freckles N Chex Driscoll Ranches LLC
Pending West Coast Whiz Jessie Clymer Andre J Lauzon
Shezawestcoastwhiz West Coast Whiz Mary Time Peppy David McBurney
West Coast Mindi West Coast Whiz Melonkali Melody David McBurney
Dos Of Westcoast West Coast Whiz Nanny Dos Olena Driscoll Ranches LLC
Honky Tonk Whiz West Coast Whiz Peppys Rose O Lena Debera Jean Cole
Playin Out West West Coast Whiz Playtime Josie Richard & Felicity Sassella
West Coast Wrangler West Coast Whiz Pocos Wrangler Girl Rex & Judy Jacobs
Lucky Lena Whiz West Coast Whiz Pretty Lil Lena Driscoll Ranches LLC
West Coast Coed West Coast Whiz Quixotes Coed Driscoll Ranches LLC
West Coast Kat West Coast Whiz Sheza Koy Kat Rex & Judy Jacobs
Pending West Coast Whiz Sheza Tuff Freckle Hallock Ranch
Shiners Whiz Kid West Coast Whiz Shiners Firstlady James & Beverly King
Smoken Jac Whizkey West Coast Whiz Smoken Dainty Doll Judith A Black
Grace Alone West Coast Whiz Twisted Mama Tracy S Lynch
Late Nite Whiz Whizard Jac Adalina Lena Theresia Ordner
BH Whizard Whizard Jac Cocoa Continental BH Dean & Judy Brooks
Pending Whizard Jac Doc Bars Rooster Delbert & Melinda Smith
Pending Whizard Jac Duchess Freckles Misty Creek Ranch Inc
Pending Whizard Jac Dun It With Spirit Cyndee & Warren Hall
IZ The Whiz Whizard Jac Fast Forward Motion Linda Wiebe
Whizards Paychex Whizard Jac Gypsy Gold Chex William & Dawn Pohl
Pending Whizard Jac Her Skirts Up Ken Zipse
Queen Awhizabeth Whizard Jac Hollyberry Ace Richard Kaufman
Pending Whizard Jac Jessies Legacy Bryan Fix
Twhiz N Jac Whizard Jac Las Vegas Venture Carol Stewart
Lacy Whizard Whizard Jac Lenalark Modoc-Joaquin
Miss Lil Addy Tude Whizard Jac Miss Col Otoe Mike Hall
Icrein Whizard Jac Miss Docs Holey San Lori J Lankford
Pending Whizard Jac My Fantasy Fritz Alyce Hutchison
Pines Whizardry Whizard Jac Pines Black Ant Ken Dixon
Slide Whiz Me Whizard Jac Redjacks Baillie Dee DeAnn Kutzner
Whizards Magic Whizard Jac Robin Dun It The Schwartz Family Trust
Mac Attack Jac Whizard Jac Roses Are Special Bill D McElory
Whizard Rox Whizard Jac Roxanne Roper William & Dawn Pohl
Pending Whizard Jac San Up Madonna Michael Terry
Doc Whizard SD Whizard Jac Sassy Lil Joker Linda M Griewahn
Famous Jac Amos Whizard Jac Shades Of Amos Stephen C Pile Two Hawks Farms, LTD
Pending Whizard Jac Smart Little Lauren Timothy J Long
Smart As A Whizard Whizard Jac Smart Tiranish Kirks Rockin K Ranch, Inc.
Datsone Peppywhizard Whizard Jac Smarts Dont It Ken Dixon
Berry Sweet Whizard Whizard Jac Smokes Berry Sweet Mary A Jansma / Tom Jansma
Whizard Pep Whizard Jac Solanos Poco Pine Diane L Edwards
Whizards Tuff Enuf Whizard Jac Tuff As Footwork William & Dawn Pohl
Pending Whizard Jac Wolverton Ruffle Theodore & Barbara Stawinsuy
Who Whiz She Kidding Who Whiz It Lucky Misty Anne Haverty Ranch
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