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2002 Enrolled Foals

Foal Name Sire Dam Owner
Spirit N Style Lean With Me Bay Rock Doc Dawn Romanowich
Lean Olena Lean With Me BR Little Badger Andrea & Tish Fappani
Lean With Hollywood Lean With Me Cee Miss Hollywood George R Bell
Pending Lean With Me Classy Snipette Sheryl Lynn Rae
Pending Lean With Me Dolly Prescription Timothy & Camille Connelly
DP Lean Lil Chic Lean With Me DP Shawnalena Don A Poole
Lean Lexi Lean With Me Favorite Juleo Catherine Brown-Swain
KNP Heza Talldarknic Lean With Me Gees A Mia Nic Kelly Prentice-Allen
Lean On Chex Lean With Me Ides Of Chexx Michelle Charleston
Alright With Me Lean With Me Jokers Sunny Jack Dr Ronald D Kantner
Shiney Chex Olena Lean With Me Miss Shiney Chex Terry & Betsy Edwards
Leanwithmes Big Star Lean With Me Nus Double Doc John Crawley
Smart Little Pattie Lean With Me Pattie By Peppy Nancy J Stancik
Lean On Patty Lean With Me Sheza Pat Lake Hamilton Equine/Joan Clement
Cahavalena Lean With Me Smokin Josbee Patrick & Star Thornton
Mea Jewelena Lean With Me The Royal Jewels Robert Bahr
Lean With Gannon Lean With Me Tommies Chex Shante A Talkington
Award Day Lean With Me Tuck Award Lesley Day
Pending Lean With Me WF Miss Michigan Guy & Lorelle Meadows
Lean N Chexy Lady Lean With Me Woneighthundred Chex Jim & Sheri Crafton
Café Olena Lena My Way Cedars Ms Doc Rick Flathers
CR Dusty Freeway Lena My Way Crissies Foxy Docz Bill & Pauly Pierce
Dandi My Way Lena My Way Dandi Badger Too Sylvan & Barbara Williamson
Lily My Way Lena My Way Ima Crissie Two Bill & Pauly Pierce
Jamaica Me A Way Lena My Way Jamaican Tio Sylvan & Barbara Williamson
Heroic Ways Lena My Way Marsala Melody Toby & Linda Williamson
An EZ Way Lena My Way Marsalas Smudgy Rose Sylvan & Barbara Williamson
Lena Mein Way Lena My Way Mein Doc Schatz Sylvan & Barbara Williamson
Marcelos Way Lena My Way New Lady Badger Sylvan & Barbara Williamson
Poco Tino Lena Lena My Way Pico De Gallito Valerie K Tiegs
Leadin My Way Lena My Way Ruby Dandi 495 Sylvan & Barbara Williamson
Kinetic Way Lena My Way Tenino Doll Sylvan & Barbara Williamson
Find Your Way Lena My Way Tenino Mariah Sylvan & Barbara Williamson
Why Not My Way Lena My Way Tios Island Hopper Sylvan & Barbara Williamson
I See The Way Lena My Way Tios Naskiia Ellen Lloyd Cummins
Point This Way Lena My Way Whisper Shay Rondo Toby & Linda Williamson
Pending Lenas Horizon Add A Freckle Double Run Farm
Horizons Sundance Lenas Horizon Cee Carmis Minx Double Run Farm
Lenas Grace Lenas Horizon Chick N Peppy Dr Ronald D Kantner
Lenas Wensday Child Lenas Horizon Hot Freckled Rose Dennis Lamecker
Pending Lenas Horizon Leolita Step Double Run Farm
Pending Lenas Sugarman Almost Pretty Sure James Blumer Jr
Sugared N Freckled Lenas Sugarman Annieote Freckles Rosanne Sternberg
Pending Lenas Sugarman AR Belle Of The Ball Bob & Cheryl Allen
Sugarmans Banjolena Lenas Sugarman Electrics Banjo Mary Beth Kuderna
Genuine Starlena Lenas Sugarman Genuine Starlet Carol Rose
Dancin On Sugar Lenas Sugarman Gun Dancer Eric Storey
Arjos Sugarlou Lenas Sugarman Les Louise Joy & Arthur Frannicola
Little Smart Sugar Lenas Sugarman Lil Smart Squirt Carol Rose
Pending Lenas Sugarman Lulus Freckles Bud Lyon
Sugarmans Little Man Lenas Sugarman Matts Little Debbie Patricia G Hirsch
Pending Lenas Sugarman Party Chics James Blumer Jr
Sugarmans Gold Lenas Sugarman Phase Of Gold Allen & Diana Hill
Pending Lenas Sugarman Play For Chic James Blumer Jr
Lenas Sugarshine Lenas Sugarman Sheza Shiny Mixer Jane A McCullough
Pending Lenas Sugarman Smoke N Pazzs James Blumer Jr
Pending Lenas Sugarman Southern Silhouette Joseph Gentile
Spiderman Zan Lenas Sugarman Sparkles Suzana Carol Rose
Pending Lenas Sugarman Stay Petite James Blumer Jr
Lenas Lil Tink Lenas Sugarman Tinky Clay William G Myers
Sugarmans Zan Lenas Sugarman Zanalea Eric Storey
YB Sippin A Rumbo Lenas Wright On Chex This Woman Russ Shiels
Wright Smart Colonel Lenas Wright On Colonel Minnie C Ross Conner
Jo Lena Tucker Lenas Wright On Ellies Dox Quedow John Leavitt
Starlight Starwright Lenas Wright On Leos Lady Doc Deborah Walker
Tigre Chex Lenas Wright On Pretty Peppy Turner Mark & Elizabeth Turner
YB Wright On Major Lenas Wright On Pricilla Majors Russ Shiels
Ruffcut Diamond Smoke Like A Diamond Dawn Comes At Six Rita Wendell
Dolls Diamond Lil Like A Diamond Honchos Sweetheart Susan Nibley
Diamond Train Like A Diamond Ima Train Spirit Ridge Ranch /Janice H Fier
I Nita Diamond Like A Diamond Miss Cee Nita Adam Williams
Pending Like A Diamond Miss Smoke Olena Francesca Sternberg
Mr Diamond Doc Like A Diamond Porkie Doc Robert Jacobson
Classic Lil Lady Lil Ruf Peppy A Classic Lady BiTerra Qtr Horses
Pending Lil Ruf Peppy Cee Blair Lady Helmut Schmaus-Gerstenberg
Lil Chic Peppy Lil Ruf Peppy Chics American Woman Franco Olivero
Pending Lil Ruf Peppy Doc C Mabee Tanya DuVall-Haubein
Senorita Tuffy Lil Ruf Peppy Dry Senorita Ed & Nancy Pickett
Dry Ruf Lil Ruf Peppy Dry Sugar Rose Dry Ruf Syndicate
Ruf Reiny Jac Lil Ruf Peppy Easters Reiny Day Ed & Nancy Pickett
Lil Ruf Falcon Lil Ruf Peppy Falcons Lil Pep Gary Putman
Lil Ruf Chex Lil Ruf Peppy Fancy Leo Chex Theresa Thraen
CB Ruf N Ready Pep Lil Ruf Peppy Freckles Peppy Sal Curtis Burlin
To Tuff For You Lil Ruf Peppy Gay Bar Easter Kim Solum
Two Ruf Hollywood Lil Ruf Peppy Hollywood Two Step Nancy Pickett
Pop Tart Lil Ruf Peppy Jiffy Pop Tom & Mandy McCutcheon
Nimbles Ruf Peppy Lil Ruf Peppy Jolly Be Nimble Bryan K Knecht
Lil Ruf Jackie Lil Ruf Peppy Julep Jac Nedpoint Quarter Horses
Lil Ruf Tari Lil Ruf Peppy Lady Gay Tari Dick J Randall
Laurels Ruff N Tuff Lil Ruf Peppy Laurels Of Lena Philip A & Cora L Solum
Ruf Pistol Lil Ruf Peppy Le Pistolet Smart Like Juice Inc
Pending Lil Ruf Peppy Lenas Sugar Accent Kanjiro Tokita
Poco Ruf Peppy Lil Ruf Peppy Lil Poco Freckles G Larry Wolfe
Pending Lil Ruf Peppy Looks Like Mom Frank Costantini Jr
Peppys Serendipity Lil Ruf Peppy Majors Serendipity Jac Point Quarter Horses c/o David Hanson
Shezalilrufpep Lil Ruf Peppy Melodys Ms Demeanor Samuel Smith
Peppys Lightning Jac Lil Ruf Peppy Miss Howdy Jac Mary Frances O'Connor
Tuf Lil Sis Lil Ruf Peppy Miss Sissy Gun Ed & Nancy Pickett
CW Lil Ruf Lynx Lil Ruf Peppy Miss Smokin Lynx Carole Wyatt Performance Horses
Pending Lil Ruf Peppy Miss Sunny Jac Jac Point Quarter Horses c/o David Hanson
Miss Lil Dry Lil Ruf Peppy Miss Taylor Dry Becky & Mikolay Grudzien
Mr Ruff Jac Lil Ruf Peppy Ms Morikas Jac Brenda S Wellenreiter
CB Double Tuff Peppy Lil Ruf Peppy Peppy Sal Freckles Curtis Burlin
Lil Ruf Ms Whiz Lil Ruf Peppy Pretty Ms Qhiz Nedpoint Quarter Horses
Rufenuftobrtuf Lil Ruf Peppy Pure Pep O Lena David Kunkle
Thumbs Up Peppy Lil Ruf Peppy Queen O Thumb Edwin Andrew Pickett
Lil Dancing Queen Lil Ruf Peppy Sailors Dance Ed & Nancy Pickett
Lil Two Ruf Lil Ruf Peppy Sailors Two Step Tim Schaaf
Double Stuff Peppy Lil Ruf Peppy Shesa Peppy Queen Ryan W Appleton
No Trouble Slidin Lil Ruf Peppy Sliding My Way Bill & Lora Holeman
Pending Lil Ruf Peppy Smart Alice Tom & Mandy McCutcheon
Ruf Tuf Whip Lil Ruf Peppy Smart As A Whip Ed & Nancy Pickett
Pending Lil Ruf Peppy Smart Bama Chic Timothy J Long
Lil Peppy Lady Lil Ruf Peppy Smart Peppy Lady Ed & Nancy Pickett
Lil Smokin Arrow Lil Ruf Peppy Smokey San Leo Gary & Teresa Putman
Ruf Smokin Peppy Lil Ruf Peppy Smokin Echol Nedpoint Quarter Horses
Steady Lil Spark Lil Ruf Peppy Steady Gypsy Gary & Teresa Putman
Lil Honey Darlin Lil Ruf Peppy Sweet Honey Dun Gary D Thomasson
Littleruf Chex Lil Ruf Peppy Tissy Chex Linda Wise
Lil Peppy Tess Lil Ruf Peppy Too Tall Tess Gary Putman
Ruf Sailer Lil Ruf Peppy Topsail Calamity Nedpoint Quarter Horses
Lil Ruf Valentine Lil Ruf Peppy Wheeling Valentine Tom & Mandy McCutcheon
Lil Ruf Topsail Lil Ruf Peppy Whiz Leo Lady Cache Ranch, LLC
Listos Sliding Chic Listo Pollito Lena Carolyn Winder Marilynn French
Pending Listo Pollito Lena Fireball Freckles Robert N Thompson
Listos Larkin Listo Pollito Lena Larks Happy Hour Terry Scott
Pending Listo Pollito Lena Listos Silver Charm Robert N Thompson
Pending Listo Pollito Lena Miss Chocolate Chex Aaron Falkenberg
Pending Listo Pollito Lena Rawhides Starglow Robert N Thompson
Rosa Listo Listo Pollito Lena Rosanna Lena Sally Ress
Listo Pollito Rojo Listo Pollito Lena Sans Sneakers Mr & Mrs R C Grimshaw
Pending Listo Pollito Lena Seven S Mimosa Sherry Oseen-Thompson
Listo Aquila Listo Pollito Lena Sol Of An Eagle Shawna Sapergia
Wildwood Magic Miss Listo Pollito Lena Wildwood Destiny Sharon Williams
Listo Pollito Solo Listo Pollito Lena Woodys Wish Dan Richarz & Tami Machalek
Pending Listolena Budhas Miss Tina Trinity Ranch
Rein Aglow Listolena Miss Clone Freckles Gordan Braid
Smokin Little Bo Little Bo Badger A Little Doc Gary & Marilyn Cottar
Tammy Bo Lena Little Bo Badger Lena Tivito Gary & Marilyn Cottar
Moose Wilson Little Bo Badger Myrtle Wilson Gary & Marilyn Cottar
Remedy For An Oscar Little Bo Badger Remedys Peach Gary & Marilyn Cottar
Bo Blossom Special Little Bo Badger Sonitas Leotoe Bid Gary & Marilyn Cottar
Spinnin On Diamonds Little Bo Badger Uno Mas O Menos Gary & Marilyn Cottar
Gonna Goget Lucky Lucky Little Lena Chex Goes Hollywood B Lynn Sanders III
Lucky Little Latte Lucky Little Lena Pawnee Wilda Kathryn R Meintsma
Pending Lucky Little Lena Solena Solano Steven B Braun
National Reining Breeders Classic ~ 13181 US Hwy 177 ~ Byars, OK 74831 ~ 580-759-3939