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2001 Enrolled Foals

Foal Name Sire Dam Owner
Paid For A Chic Paid By Chic Dollywood Smoke BC High Gloss Paints
Poquito Paid By Paid By Chic Hobbys Bonney Boss Jim Dunn
Paid By Fancy Paid By Chic Hot Smokin Fancy Jim Dunn
Celebrity Swinger Paid By Chic Little Bingo Lena Jim Dunn
Santana Slick Paid By Chic Little Santana Jim Dunn
Pending Paid By Chic Luv Discount Gary & Sally Hansen
Pending Parking With A Chic Be Aech Cutterprise Carla Brown Conway
Pending Parking With A Chic Docs Sun Burst Bernard Carriere
Elderberry Chic Parking With A Chic Elderberry Holly Douglas & Pamela Rooney
Aflirtnwith Disaster Parking With A Chic Miss Comets Oil Beverly Lewis
Mixie Chic Parking With A Chic Ms Taffeta Carla Clay
Amy Allspice Pauli O Lena Amy Bueno Diamond B Ranch
Pauli Senbar Pauli O Lena Annies Cutter Doc Diamond B Ranch
Sweet Lil Pauli Pauli O Lena Cody Dividend Gal Brian Deppe
Pending Pauli O Lena Docs Freckled Angel Tim Brandt
Pauli Wauli Pauli O Lena Hillery Dillery Diamond B Ranch
Lady Lucy Elm Pauli O Lena Lady Elm Tivio Diamond B Ranch
BayHeart Glo Pauli O Lena Miss Keleo Glo Diamond B Ranch
Pending Pauli O Lena Miss Reno Senbar Kenneth Leatherwood
Pending Pauli O Lena Miss Swift Zip Bruce & Amy Parsons
Pending Pauli O Lena OT One Slick Chic Richard Merten
Paulis Patriot Pauli O Lena Pecodo Annie Diamond B Ranch
Sherry Michelle Pauli O Lena Slerry Michelle Diamond B Ranch
Paulis Sunny Surprise Pauli O Lena Sunny Catalyst Kenneth & Julie Moore
Black Sun Olena Pauli O Lena Taris Sunny Miss Christiane Thomann
Pending Peppy Badge Olena Clabbers Cameo James Butterfield
Pending Peppy Badge Olena Ten O Lea James Butterfield
Pending Peppy Badger Chex A Famous Bird Song Larry Beeler
Cinnamonolena Peppy Badger Chex Belinda Lena Jennifer Taxey
All Eyes On Me Doc Peppy Badger Chex Doc Will See You Now Lisa Macauley
Pearl Pepwhiz Peppy Badger Chex Dude Lady Whiz Star Bar Breeders Inc
Pending Peppy Badger Chex Extra Smart Stephanie King
Chexy Lady Badger Peppy Badger Chex Fresnos Chex Mix Buddy & Diane Bolt
Pending Peppy Badger Chex Good Draw Matt Day
Peppy Le Dash Peppy Badger Chex Imperial Dash Gerald Bobrosky
Pending Peppy Badger Chex Majors Dusty Girl Keith & Lois Johnson
Peppys Fine Wine Peppy Badger Chex Miss Burgundy Hobo Blaine Collett
Callin All Chex Peppy Badger Chex Ms Suzie Vanderhusie Jim Dunn
Peppy Jackie Chex Peppy Badger Chex Nurse Bunnell Jeff & Paula King
Prime Time Pepper Peppy Badger Chex Prime Time KG Mt Benson Enterprise
Pending Peppy Badger Chex Savvy Colonel Michell Mertens
One Chexy Blonde Peppy Badger Chex Sharme Command Drake Johnson & Dale Stephens
Pending Peppy Badger Chex Smart Lil Lassie Douglas D Johnson
Peppy Spin City Peppy Badger Chex Tlee Trouble Chex Candis Claiborn
Pending Peppy Buc Ballou Catalyst Dun It Alan & Kay Needle
Pending Peppy Buc Ballou Miss McKenzie Jac Alan & Kay Needle
Peppys Flashy Dan Peppy Buc Ballou Pegs Flashy Queen Mike & Janet Carbone
Pending Peppy Buc Ballou Spinning On A Star Alan & Kay Needle
A Bright Chic Peppy Chic Olena Genuine Starbright Lance Griffin
Mr Strawberry Chic Peppy Chic Olena Ms Lindy Roanstad Lance Griffin
Marq of Cita Peppy Marquita Cita Dun It Pat Warren
Pending Peppy Marquita Lady Gay Tari Dick J Randall
Peppys Landmarq Peppy Marquita Melonkali Heart Pat Warren
Pending Peppy Marquita Mystic May Missy Dick J Randall
Fast Jazz Peppy Marquita Tucker E Imp Pat Warren
Pending Peppy Sans Squiggy Mont a Doc Sensation San Benito Quarter Horses
Pending Peppy Sans Squiggy Pennys Express Chex San Benito Quarter Horses
Pending Peppy Sans Squiggy Pretty Waspy Peppy San Benito Quarter Horses
Pending Peppy Sans Squiggy Watchs Mini Star Robert Parmenter
KR Sweet Sal Peppy Sol Anson Miss Olenas Dream Pete & Tamra Kyle
Pending Peppy Sol Anson Pepes Flying Dove William J Dodson
WD Poco Pepe San Peppy Sol Anson Rafter L Kitty Robert & Patricia Parent
Key To Sur Peppys Little Sur Keys Cameo Driscoll Ranches LLC
Peptos I Brow Peptoboonsmal Ms Hi Brow Stony Ford Syndicate
Mr Boonsmal To You Peptoboonsmal Quick Playgirl Donald Adams
Cayenne Peppy 301 Phils Lil Playboy (Jalapeno Peppy) Keena Tari Richard & Gary Sutton
Miss Tari Playboy Phils Lil Playboy (Jalapeno Peppy) Taris Cheek Mark Butzow
Pending Playboys Remedy Col Freckles Jewel Mrs CB Dedmon
Pending Playboys Remedy Dynamite Lena Mrs CB Dedmon
Playin In The Breeze Playgun Breezy Solano Cache Ranch, LLC
Play Missy Val Playgun Lenas Missy Val Cache Ranch, LLC
Little Gun N Play Playgun Little Polka Doc Cache Ranch, LLC
Pending Playgun Smart Mariah Mark & Marsha Chestnut
Pending Playgun Starlight Chex Eric Storey
Stylish Badger 001 Playin Stylish Little Bar Tonette Steve Ross
Playin Pandalita Playin Stylish Pandalita Star Todd & Pam Crawford
Playin Peppys Star Playin Stylish Peppy Starmaker Cache Ranch, LLC
Stylish Playin Playin Stylish Poke N Play Stephen Nelson
Stylish Little Leon Playin Stylish Smart Little Leona Ronnie R Fox
Mos River Of Cash Powder River Playboy Nu Flash Of Cash Bud Wallace & Morya Gularte
Nu Power Play Powder River Playboy Nu Rendition Al & Sharon Gibson
Prime Hollywood Prime Time Chex Anothaford Karola S Radler
National Reining Breeders Classic ~ 13181 US Hwy 177 ~ Byars, OK 74831 ~ 580-759-3939