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1999 Enrolled Foals

Foal Name Sire Dam Owner
Gallo De Diablo Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) A Smart Little Girl Frank & Robin Merrill
Bartam Rooster Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) Alena Minute Polo Ranch
Roo Star Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) Anna Paulena Frank & Robin Merrill
Mild Beauty Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) Banjoes Beauty Peter Morgan
Belagio Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) Bar J Jackie Lazy E Ranch, Inc
Northern Enterprise Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) BHS Fancy Peter T Phinny
Charge In Rooster Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) Charge It Smart Randle Tune
Fat Chance Romance Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) Doc's Serendipity James E Dunn
Pending Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) Docs Slipper Curt Blakeway
Roosters Spurs Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) EBG Docs Spur Polo Ranch
Angel Del Cielo Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) Freck Olena Jerry L & Valerie V Eaves
Gallo Del Corazon Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) Freckles Beau Bruce Olsen
RS Playboy Bunny Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) Freckles Foxy Rio Richard & Gary Sutton
Freckles Rooster Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) Freckles Toddy Polo Ranch
Cielo Cielo Cielo Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) Gay Bar Easter Kim Solum
Glass Icicles Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) Gay Bar Julie Lazy E Ranch, Inc
A Bonus Belle Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) Genuine Jezabelle Storey Farms
Hickory Del Cielo Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) Hickorys Lil Dot Carol & Lew Akins
Instant Cool Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) Jacks Silver Light Lazy E Ranch, Inc
Rooster Looks Smart Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) Lenas Little Smarty Richard Bergquist
Fuego Del Cielo Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) Lil Hotshot Express Perry Corder
Pending Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) Lintons Lady Doc Akin Land & Cattle LLC & Gene Cunningham
Caballo Del Cielo Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) Melon Kali Banjoe Jeffrey A & Julie A Holler
Misty May Rooster Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) Misty May Morning Polo Ranch
Roosters Whoopi Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) Nines Pretty Lynx Marilyn F Springer
Del Cielo Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) Oleana Cash Peter T Phinny
Roosters Choice Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) Olenas Choice Milo Kirk
Pending Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) Ollie Olena Polo Ranch
Hickaroo Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) Paloma Hickory Spirit Ridge Ranch /Janice H Fier
St Paddys Rooster Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) Playboys Miss Aspin Vaughn C Zimmerman
Heidi Del Cielo Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) Poco Catalynx John & Shannon McCarty
Pending Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) Poco Dry Honey Rosanne Sternberg
Hola My Theresa Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) Quanahs Jewel Frank & Robin Merrill
Reba Roo Olena Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) Reba Olena Vaughn C Zimmerman
Download Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) Smart Chic Olynna Lazy E Ranch, Inc
Rio Rooster Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) Smokins Tokin James E Dunn
RS La Rooso Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) Sola Gun 4 R Performance Horses
Pending Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) Sweet Sister Oak Enzo Gola/G-Bar, Inc
Gallo Del Polo Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster) Tammy Pan Chex Polo Ranch
Pending Gay Bar Olena Smarty Paints Dan McGrew
Delta Strike Gay Bar Olena Strike Zone Mark Miller
Genuine Betsy Genuine Doc Betty Dun It Carol Rose
Pending Genuine Doc Betty Dun It Carol Rose
Genuine Colonels Peg Genuine Doc Colonels Peg Carol Rose
Shooting Spark Genuine Doc Diamonds Sparkle Carol Rose
Genuine Diablo Genuine Doc Docs Christa Carol Rose
A Genuine Doc Dlux Genuine Doc Sheyenne Bar Amanda J & Dawna J Lux
Running Red Lights Grays Starlight Doc Sugs Royal Miss Vaughn C Zimmerman
Jubidus Grays Starlight Dox Hickory Holly Frank Bolea
DA Jazzy Starlight Grays Starlight Jazzy Starlena Draggin A Ranches Inc
DA Star Lena Grays Starlight Miss Shorty Lena Akin Land & Cattle Co LLC
Hit The Lights Grays Starlight Playboys Promise Doug Adair
Spooks Blondie Grays Starlight Smokin Kitty Rio Mrs Eleanor Dedmon
Stylish N Spooky Grays Starlight Stylish Sugar Polo Ranch
Ritzy Red Pine Great Red Pine Aloe Marci Carol Chudy
Hollywood Hallofame Great Red Pine Caramel Cowgirl Beth Ann Persinger
Great Red Dun Great Red Pine Chasin Infinity Jac Point Quarter Horses
Great Red Miss Great Red Pine Dry Papoose David L Archer
Dry Red Pine Great Red Pine Ellen Chex L 50 Ranch Inc
Great Berry Pine Great Red Pine Flashy Red Berry Performance Unlimited
Pending Great Red Pine Hankies Jewel Shawn McClurg & Peter Furniss
Smart Red Pine Great Red Pine Little Whitney Debi D Parrish
Pending Great Red Pine Miss Ramblin Dude Doug Carpenter QH LLC
Pending Great Red Pine Ms Holywood Show Girl David J Silva
Showtimes Tinseltown Great Red Pine Ms Holywood Showtime Charles R Vaughan
Brennas Red Pine Jac Great Red Pine Pretty Kilo Kid Thomas A Milnes
Hermosa Pine Great Red Pine Quincy Dun Fancy Glenn Kopp & Janet Haymaker
Wilson Pine Great Red Pine Sue Ellen Smart Judy McIvor
Great Red Valenpine Great Red Pine The Town Chick Kathleen Burr
Great Terry Tom Pine Great Red Pine Zana Sue Bar Charles R Vaughan
Lil G Whiz Gun Start Janni Whiz Bar Jason Dobrinski
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