Tuesday, April 24th 2018

2018 NRBC nominated Stallions

A Shiner Named Sioux

A Sparkling Vintage

All American Vintage

ARC Gunnabeabigstar

Arlosa Whiz

Banjo Whiz

BFR Igniting Sparks

Big Chex To Cash

Blind Sided

Boom Shernic



Busy Winin Chex

Captain Barbossa

CD Diamond

Ceda Lena


Chics Loaded Gun

Chocolate Chic Olena

Colonels Lil Gun

Colonels Shining Gun

Colonels Smart Spook

Colonels Smoking Gun



Conquistador Whiz

Country Bay Berry

Cromed Out Mercedes

Custom Cash Advance

Custom Crome

Custom Harley

Custom Legend

Dun It For Whizkey

Dun It Gotta Gun

Dun It With A Whiz

Einsteins Revolution

Electric Code

Electric Snow

Footwork Revolution

Freckles Got Ashiner

Friday Night Shiner

Gun Olena Colonel


Gunner Boy

Gunner Dun It Again

Gunner On Ice

Gunners Indian

Gunners Special Nite

Gunners Tinseltown

Gunnin For Chicks


Guns R For Shootin

Hang Ten Surprize

Heavy Duty Chex

Heza Shiney Kodo

HF Mobster

Hickory Chic Olena

Hickory Holly Time

High Brow CD

High Roller Whiz

Hollywood Cool Gun

Hollywood Dun It

Hollywood Golden Gun

Hollywood Reminic


Im The Chic Magnet

In Like Flinn

Inferno Sixty Six


Its All About Smart

Jacs Electric Spark

Jake Jacspin

Jasons Peptolena

Ju Juzz Gunslinger

Late Night Stopper

Lena Spark

Like A Diamond

Like A Diamond Spark

Lil Dreamin Magnum

Lil Joe Cash


Magnum Chic Dream

Magnum With A Dream

Malt Whizkey

Marthas Mega Jac

Mega Watt Shine

Memorable Revolution

Metallic Cat

Mister Montana Nic

Mister Nicadual

Mister Smarts

Mr Electric Spark

Must Have Guns

Eligible in 2019

My Royal Gun-Gunners Enterprise

Nabisco Roan

Nic It In The Bud

Nicnac Enterprise Jr

Nics Little Bud

No Guns Please

Not Ruf At All

Once A Von A Time

Once In A Blu Boon

One Time Pepto

Outta Dough

Pale Face Dunnit

Peptos Boon Shadow

Platinum Vintage

Play To Win Chic

Pretty Peppy Chec

Real Smooth Cat

Passing out in 2018

REF Black Mamba

RS La Rooso

Ruf Hearted Jac


Ruff Spook

SG Frozen Enterprize

Shady Lil Starlight

Shine Big Time

Shine Chic Shine

Shine N Spook

Shine On Line

Shiners Nickle

Shiners Voodoo Dr

Shiney Outlaw

Eligible in 2019

Shinin Joe

Show Me The Buckles

Skeets Peppy

Smart And Shiney

Smart Boons

Smart Chic Olena

Smart Like Juice

Smart Lil Roos

Smart Little Estrela

Smart Luck

Smart Santana

Smart Shiners Spook

Smart Spook

Smoking Whiz

Snap Dun The Bases

Snip O Lution

Snipers Smoking Gun

Solano Cat

Sparkling Major

Sparks Of Glory

Spooks Gotta Gun

Spooks Gotta Run

Spooks Gotta Whiz

Star Spangled Whiz

Starlights Wrangler

Steppin On Sparks

Stevie Rey Von

Strum Me A Banjo

Sugar Little Step

Taking A Rest

The Chex Factor

The Crow Bar

The Kids Gotta Gun

The Rey Gun

The Royal Whiz
Passing out 2018

The Sweet Spot

This Guns For Nic

Time For The Diamond

Tinker With Guns

Tinsel Jac

Top Gun Tonite

Passing out in 2018

Topsail Whiz

TR Smokin Dually

Travelin Jonez

Tricked Out Spook

Very Smart Remedy

Walla Walla Whiz

Wallawalla Bangbang

West Coast Whiz
Passing out in 2018

West Side Rambler

Whiz N Tag Chex

Whiz Van Winkle

Whizkey N Diamonds

Whizkey On The Rocks


Wimpy Chic


Wimpys High Bid

Wimpys Little Freckl

Passing out in 2018

Wimpys Little Step

Wimpys Littlecolonel

Wimpys Tinseltown

WR This Cats Smart

Wranglin In Chex

Yellow Jersey
National Reining Breeders Classic ~ 13181 US Hwy 177 ~ Byars, OK 74831 ~ 580-759-3939